2014 Goals Recap, 2015 Goal(s)

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions.  But last year, I joined Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle group with mainly one goal in mind: I would make some books for my 3-year-old twins.  By about January 15th, I had that crossed off my list and was able to get a few other things crossed off my list for the year too:

  • Try my hand at painting art – didn’t happen
  • Learn to sew – One project  –DONE!
  • Paint my kitchen cabinets – DONE!
  • Put together family photo albums from over the years – still would be nice, but no
  • Get more organized overall – Not sure this really happened, but we just did a big purge over Christmas break, so I’m counting that!
  • Write my certification paper – This HAS to happen over the next few months!  I will get this done, I will get this done, I will get this done…

I guess on this list, the certification paper has to go near the top.

But I’ve decided that my main goal for the year will be…drum roll, please!…

Have 100 people over for dinner during the year

The major introvert in me cringes at this.  But the older I get, I realize just how important community is.  And at just how awesome people are!

Now I need to plan my first dinner.  And friends, if you want to come over, let me know!  We’ll make it happen!

This year I hope to make new friends, enjoy old friends, eat good food, share tons of stories, play some games, and laugh a lot.

This idea isn’t about entertaining.  For me, this is about community.  Friends, when you come over, our house may not be the cleanest, most picked up or organized (I have 3 young kids and no time for that! 🙂  This is about getting to know others, being real and just enjoying each other.

Here’s to 2015!  I hope you accomplish all your goals this year!  I hope it’s your best year yet!  But more than anything, I hope that we all learn to love and enjoy each other more this year!

Happy New Year!

– Stephanie

P.s. Oh, and I just signed up for a half marathon in a few months, so there’s that too! 🙂

Day 11

First of all, I took my 3 kids to my oldest’s basketball game by myself because my husband had a church deal this morning. I took pictures of the games with the 2 two years olds climbing all over me while having to text people to answer questions about building HVAC info for work. That right there was hustle!!

Then today I have done a ton if laundry.

Oh, and I sold a crib mattress. Woohoo!!

My husband went to the store this evening so I went ahead and fed the kids dinner. When he came home, he made me a wonderful surprise dinner of steak, salad, edamame and bread. It was awesome!

Hustle on, friends!

Day 9

Today’s assignment was to cut your goal for the month in half. My goal was to make a book each for my twins. I guess I could have just made one book for them to share, but I wanted them to have their own. And I couldn’t hardly make one for one kid and make the other wait. Well, I guess I could, but then I’d feel bad.

I finished both books tonight and have sent them off to be printed!

I feel so good that this goal is done! In less than 10 days!

Now I’ll start brainstorming ideas for more books and working on other things I wanted to do this year.

Hustle, hustle!

Day 7

After work today, I ran an errand with all 3 kids.  Let me tell you!  That takes hustle!

Then we came home, got Caleb to do homework, made homemade chili, and fed everyone.  All while doing that, I was putting together my new picture boards that I wanted to hang on our freshly painted hall.  So, I got them ready and then hung them up on the wall after dinner.  I love them!

photo (15)

Then I made a bracelet with Caleb, got the kids to bed and started working on the books for the kids some more.  I’m not done, but I’m tired.

Today’s assignment is to stay WHO you are going to have help keep you accountable during these 30 days.  I have many friends who are reading this blog who are asking me about my hustle, so you are the ones I pick!  It’s fun keeping track on the blog what goes on during this time period.  I won’t do this everyday this year obviously, but it will be fun at the end of this month to look back and see what all I got done and remember along the way!


Day 6

Today’s hustle included working more on the books I am putting together.

Then my mom came over tonight and we made a stepping stone with one of the kids’ handprints. We’ll do another one another night. Too cold and messy to do two tonight.

Then mom helped me paint some more upstairs. She is totally getting super mom points!!

WHERE I will be working on books is at home. On the couch. I love that couch!

The hustle is fun!

Day 5

It’s amazing how I have wanted to do something for years, but I didn’t because I thought it would take too much time.  But then in the course of about an hour today, I did it!  What else have I not done and put off till later because I figure it’s going to take me a ton of time?  I’m a firm believer after today that all you have to do is decide to start something, and it’ll be done before you know it!

The kids and I had to miss church this morning because we didn’t want to possibly infect others with the flu even though everyone here is now feeling much better.  So, I fed the kids breakfast and then put clothes on them, fixed Sadie’s hair, and we had a photo session for the books that I wanted to make for the twins.  The kids actually did a really great job of participating for the pictures, and they thought it was really fun because I had a list of things that I wanted them to do.  They didn’t have to stick with each activity very long before the next one, so they thought it was awesome!

Tomorrow is my husband’s first day at his new work, so I wanted to do something kind of special for him.  He was at church this morning, so while he was gone, I printed encouraging signs and had the kids hang them all around the house.  The kids thought that was super fun too, so that worked out well!  And then they all decided that they would draw some signs for daddy on their own.  Then when he came home, they were all really excited about the signs and wanted to show them all to him.

photo (11)

After I finished this, I worked on putting together the books for the twins that we had taken pictures for.  I got Luke’s book ready.  Then I had to go to the hospital to see a friend and then go to a movie with other friends.  After the movie, I went to the grocery store to get things we needed before everyone is back to school and work tomorrow.  Then I came home, put up the groceries, helped get the kids to bed and then put together Sadie’s book.  Now I’ll be able to print the books tomorrow and get them all ready to give the kids!

photo (12)

I’m excited that I got so much done today, but especially that I actually started the books and got them ready to print all in the same day!  Now I’m motivated to do more!  And my plan is wait until I have at least a few more books done before I start seriously looking for publishing options.

And I’m super excited that it’s only Day 5, and I’ve gotten so much done already!  I’ve thought for years that there is so much in life that I want to do that I will not have the time to do.  But after these 5 days, I figure if I hustle as much as I can, I may fly through my list of dreams and get to dream new dreams!

Today’s assignment was to write down WHEN you were going to work on your goal.  For me, that was today!  My goal was to at least put together one book this month.  I did two today.  And now I’m stoked about doing more!

Bring on the hustle!


Day 4

Not much hustle today. I mainly just watched the kids. They were all tired and fussy today, so that was full time duty

I’m making a list of things to do tomorrow though.

In the meantime, here’s a little how I’ll make my hustle fun:

  • taking cute pictures of the kids
  • being creative! That’s always fun!
  • Hustle on!!

    Day 3

    Work was awesome again today! Got a ton done.

    Then my afternoon hustle got ransacked by the flu. But it became a whole new kind of hustle. I took 2 kids to the doctor (3 actually. One wasn’t sick.). Went to drop off prescriptions. Made a rainbow loom bracelet for my son. Picked up prescriptions. Made dinner. Cleaned the kitchen. Gave sick kid a bath. Etc.

    Here’s my HOW: take pictures of the kids doing some of their favorite things, put them in a document with a story about their favorite things then figure out a way to print and bind them. Also look into publishing options.

    I hope to get started on this this weekend since we are not going anywhere due to the flu!

    Ready, set, hustle!!

    Day 2

    Another awesome day!  It was my first day back at work, and I got a ton of stuff done.  Narrowed my email down to 16 emails left.  Checking emails off my list included a ton of work!  I also started and completed a pretty big project in the matter of a couple hours with the help of a co-worker.  I was extremely happy with my work day!

    Then tonight, I ran errands, made dinner for the family and then my mom came over after me calling her at the last minute to come play with my new sewing machine…one of my goals for the year to learn how to sew.  Mom picked up fabric and thread on the way, and we made pillowcases for each of the kids.  It was awesome!  I actually feel pretty confident using the sewing machine now and have some projects picked out to work on next!

    ImageStill nothing to do with writing children’s books, but I will get there.

    In the meantime, here’s the WHY: When my oldest was learning to read, I kept thinking of all the books that I could write that he would be totally interested in that would help him learn to read.  Books that were about subjects he was interested in or even about his life.  I kicked myself for not doing this back then, and now that the twins are getting a little older, I would like to start doing this for them.  Also, sometime in the future, I would like to write some short stories for Caleb to read that are along the lines of things he is interested in.  I want my kids to have a love for reading like Mom and Dad do!

    I’ve enjoyed these two days so far and am hoping I am able to keep up the momentum!