30 Days of Hustle

I joined Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle group, and I’m going to work as hard as I can for the next 30 days.

My main goal for the group is to write children’s books for my kids.  I’ve wanted to write simple, easy to read books for my kiddos for years but have never done it.  This group is going to be my way of getting this goal accomplished.

Today was Day 1.  Here’s what I did (that does not relate in any way, shape or form to writing children’s books, but hey, I feel better about myself for getting this stuff accomplished that’s been hanging over my head for a long time.):

  • Get my New Years cards ready to mail out since I didn’t get Christmas cards done…or NY’s cards out on time.  Oops! 🙂
  • Laundry folded and put up.  This sounds simple, but trust me, it’s not!  I loathe putting up clothes!  🙂
  • Chris painted our hall & stairway which required me to stand there and look at it a lot…and go to Home Depot once
  • I went through all of Luke’s clothes, bagged up the stuff that is too small and pulled out all of the bigger sizes.  Not a small job!
  • I went through my closet and bagged up stuff that I am wanting to get rid of.
  • I bought wooden plaques a long time ago to paint and then mount pictures on to put on our stairwell.  Since Chris was painting the stairwell, I wanted to get this project done ASAP too!
  • I went to the grocery store
  • I ordered pizza for dinner and went and picked it up.  Hey, it’s New Year’s Day.  Time to celebrate!
  • And also in celebrating mode, the twins and I went to Dairy Queen with my parents and my brother and his kids. Fun!

So, like I said, none of this has to do with writing children’s books, but I got a ton of stuff done and I was totally hustling, so I feel really good about the day!

I would appreciate any encouragement as I go through these 30 days.  I’m excited about what’s going to happen!

A few other goals that I have for this year:

  • Try my hand at painting art
  • Learn to sew – One project  -DONE!
  • Paint my kitchen cabinets – DONE!
  • Put together family photo albums from over the years
  • Get more organized overall
  • Write my certification paper