Day 7

After work today, I ran an errand with all 3 kids.  Let me tell you!  That takes hustle!

Then we came home, got Caleb to do homework, made homemade chili, and fed everyone.  All while doing that, I was putting together my new picture boards that I wanted to hang on our freshly painted hall.  So, I got them ready and then hung them up on the wall after dinner.  I love them!

photo (15)

Then I made a bracelet with Caleb, got the kids to bed and started working on the books for the kids some more.  I’m not done, but I’m tired.

Today’s assignment is to stay WHO you are going to have help keep you accountable during these 30 days.  I have many friends who are reading this blog who are asking me about my hustle, so you are the ones I pick!  It’s fun keeping track on the blog what goes on during this time period.  I won’t do this everyday this year obviously, but it will be fun at the end of this month to look back and see what all I got done and remember along the way!


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