Day 2

Another awesome day!  It was my first day back at work, and I got a ton of stuff done.  Narrowed my email down to 16 emails left.  Checking emails off my list included a ton of work!  I also started and completed a pretty big project in the matter of a couple hours with the help of a co-worker.  I was extremely happy with my work day!

Then tonight, I ran errands, made dinner for the family and then my mom came over after me calling her at the last minute to come play with my new sewing machine…one of my goals for the year to learn how to sew.  Mom picked up fabric and thread on the way, and we made pillowcases for each of the kids.  It was awesome!  I actually feel pretty confident using the sewing machine now and have some projects picked out to work on next!

ImageStill nothing to do with writing children’s books, but I will get there.

In the meantime, here’s the WHY: When my oldest was learning to read, I kept thinking of all the books that I could write that he would be totally interested in that would help him learn to read.  Books that were about subjects he was interested in or even about his life.  I kicked myself for not doing this back then, and now that the twins are getting a little older, I would like to start doing this for them.  Also, sometime in the future, I would like to write some short stories for Caleb to read that are along the lines of things he is interested in.  I want my kids to have a love for reading like Mom and Dad do!

I’ve enjoyed these two days so far and am hoping I am able to keep up the momentum!

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