2014 Goals Recap, 2015 Goal(s)

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions.  But last year, I joined Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle group with mainly one goal in mind: I would make some books for my 3-year-old twins.  By about January 15th, I had that crossed off my list and was able to get a few other things crossed off my list for the year too:

  • Try my hand at painting art – didn’t happen
  • Learn to sew – One project  –DONE!
  • Paint my kitchen cabinets – DONE!
  • Put together family photo albums from over the years – still would be nice, but no
  • Get more organized overall – Not sure this really happened, but we just did a big purge over Christmas break, so I’m counting that!
  • Write my certification paper – This HAS to happen over the next few months!  I will get this done, I will get this done, I will get this done…

I guess on this list, the certification paper has to go near the top.

But I’ve decided that my main goal for the year will be…drum roll, please!…

Have 100 people over for dinner during the year

The major introvert in me cringes at this.  But the older I get, I realize just how important community is.  And at just how awesome people are!

Now I need to plan my first dinner.  And friends, if you want to come over, let me know!  We’ll make it happen!

This year I hope to make new friends, enjoy old friends, eat good food, share tons of stories, play some games, and laugh a lot.

This idea isn’t about entertaining.  For me, this is about community.  Friends, when you come over, our house may not be the cleanest, most picked up or organized (I have 3 young kids and no time for that! 🙂  This is about getting to know others, being real and just enjoying each other.

Here’s to 2015!  I hope you accomplish all your goals this year!  I hope it’s your best year yet!  But more than anything, I hope that we all learn to love and enjoy each other more this year!

Happy New Year!

– Stephanie

P.s. Oh, and I just signed up for a half marathon in a few months, so there’s that too! 🙂

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