Don’t worry. Be thankful. 

If you work at a church, Easter is a BIG deal!  It’s the biggest week of the year. You work on this one day for months. And the weeks leading up to Easter are a whirlwind of activity. 

It’s that week!  Time to kick it into overdrive! The week everything comes together!

So of course, that’s when one of my kids gets sick. 

This morning, when I realized that I was going to have to stay home, I let myself freak out for about an hour. In that hour, I took care of my sick kiddo following him to the bathroom a ton of times. And I also fired off a ton of emails, created images that had to be done today, lined up some volunteers and made lists. 

And then I told myself to quit freaking out. There’s more time for that later this week. 🙂

I don’t stay home often. So I decided I could spend my day worrying like crazy…or I could do the work I could do from home and then not worry about the rest. Just enjoy my day with the twins. 

I started noticing a ton of things I was thankful for:

Drinking coffee at home is nice. 

Kiddo started feeling better around lunch time and ate 15 chicken nuggets and a whole box of strawberries. Kind of weird, but we were both happy!

Then kiddo was feeling better and wanted to swing with sister. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their conversations and hearing them crack up laughing!


Chris went to the store yesterday.  When Chris goes to the store, it’s always fun to see what he brings home. Today I ate these bad boys because of his trip. 


Chris also likes getting us all small gifts from time to time. So I enjoyed my gift from the store trip. 


My mom volunteered to come watch the kids tonight so I could go run church errands. Priceless!!

I got the rest of my garden stuff planted. 

I read a little while the kids napped. 

As I get older, I’m finding it easier to let things go and enjoy moments in life. My first reaction will probably always be to freak out and worry. But I’m finding there’s a lot of freedom in accepting the way things are and finding the positive in all situations. Living with joy. 

We always have a choice. We can make ourselves and those around us miserable with our worry and negativity. Or we can choose to be thankful, find good in situations and people, accept our limitations and move on. 

I’m thankful for today!

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