Easter 2015

Thursday: Easter Egg Hunt and Party Day at the CARE CDC

IMG_3994 IMG_3995 IMG_3996

Friday: I had high hopes for a fun day.  I planned for us to go to a movie and lunch together.  Then one kiddo made a pretty bad decision, and we just stayed home.  I had also planned to not work at all and pretty much worked all day.  C’est la vie!

We went to our church’s Good Friday service that night which was great!  A little hard to concentrate with a kid crawling all over you and making noise the whole time, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and the chance to reflect more on the meaning of the day.

Saturday: Annual Easter Egg dying

IMG_4006 IMG_4014 IMG_4015 IMG_4011


The night before Easter seems like a good night to party to me.  The older I get, the more excited I become on the night before Easter and want to celebrate!  We reflect on the fact that Jesus is still in the grave, but the hope of Easter is contagious and bleeds over into Saturday for me. Sunday is coming!  So, we went to dinner at our favorite pizza joint in Dallas (shout out to Pizza Getti!)  And even the laying out of Easter clothes the night before is fun! 🙂

I spent time thinking last night about how I could have the same over-the-top excitement every week…or even everyday about the hope that we have in Christ.  I’m sure I’ll be reflecting on this for a while.

Sunday: Church

Here are the before church pics this morning.  One of us did not want to participate.  The second picture shows another one of us pointing to the grumpy one. 🙂

IMG_4018 IMG_4020


I woke up this morning at 6:00 to a text saying that there were electrical problems at the church.  The morning was kind of a wild ride, but everything turned out great.  God was present among the craziness, and like my 8-year-old son said, “You can’t stop Easter!”


After church each year, we go to my Grandmother’s house for lunch and egg hunting.  She makes way too much food.  We get way too stuffed.  Then it’s time for dessert!

This year, my mom had Easter crafts for the kids.

IMG_4046 IMG_4047 IMG_4048

And then the Easter egg hunting began!


This year, the eggs contained candy, quarters and balloons.  The balloons were a hit!

IMG_4071 IMG_4053 IMG_4072 IMG_4074 IMG_4075 IMG_4076

Then it was time for the annual family pictures.

IMG_4068 IMG_4089 IMG_4092 IMG_4096 IMG_4101


Happy Easter!

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