A little something for the boys

I like to make things for people.  Over the years, I’ve loved making crocheted lacey placemats


Sweet little beaded socks for girls of all ages




Crocheted Frozen hats for the girls


Blankets, bags, etc.

Girls have always been easy to make things for.  There’s so many cute options out there!  I’ve always felt bad that I didn’t have anything great to make the boys.  And trust me!  I’ve looked!  It’s just hard to find cute stuff for boys!

And then the other day, I stumbled on this crochet pattern and was hooked! (Ha!)  So over the last few days, I’ve been working on these fun hats!


Leonardo & Michelangelo!!





The boys are excited to have hats to play in.  And I’m excited to finally have found something cool to make for them!

Turtle power!!

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