Letter to my old pair of jeans

Dear old pair of jeans that finally fell apart and had to go to the big jeans drawer in the sky,
I still mourn for you, dear friend.
I look for you in my drawer, but you are not there. I look for you in the washer and dryer and am reminded of my loss.
You came into my life after the birth of my first child over 8 years ago. We went on lots of adventures together. Some good, some bad.
You were a faithful friend that seemed to fit like a glove more and more each time we hung out. Eight years are a long time!
I went to the store to find a new jeans friend, and let me tell you!  You are not easily replaced!  Finding new jeans is the worst. It made me miss you all the more!
But alas!  I will move on.  In fact, I already have.
Just know you are missed.
Rest in peace/pieces, my friend!
Love, Stephanie

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