Date night with Luke

I have 3 awesome kids. They have a lot of fun and enjoy each other. (In between fights.) 🙂

I had a pretty hard weekend, so Chris suggested that I take Luke out on a date to get away and have fun. So I jumped at the chance!

I love when my family is all together! If I had my way, we’d all be together pretty much all of the time. But darn it, there’s work, school and busy schedules that get in the way of that!

But on the rare occasion that I’m one-on-one with one of my kids, I eat it up!! I love getting to soak them in for who they are. Just them with no one else around!

So tonight, Luke and I went on a date! And Luke got to pick everything we did!

First up was dinner at…you guessed it, McDonald’s.


What is it with kids and McDonald’s?? I try every time to get them to pick something else, but McDonald’s is always their choice! You would think I would have raised them better! So we ate our dinner and then headed to…


Yogurtland!! Now we’re talking!! Luke filled his bowl up with ice cream and sour worms, and we had fun digging for worms in the ice cream dirt!

The next thing he wanted to do was to go to the bookstore, so we made our way over to Half Price Books. I love buying my kids books, but goodness gracious! The kid was everywhere pulling books off every shelf and saying we were going to buy everything he touched! He went in wanting a dinosaur book, so after we looked at pretty much every book in the kids section, I finally found one and we headed to the register (with a Go Fish game in hand too).


He was a happy camper, so we moved on to the last place of the night. The toy store…AKA…Target. It’s like a toy store for both kids and moms! Win/win!!

We found something for Luke and I got to do some grocery shopping that desperately needed to be done. All while hanging out with just one kiddo! Taking three kids to the store = a ticket to insanity. Taking one kid at a time = a pretty fun time! I even carried him into the store…for fun! 🙂  And I love shopping with one kid in the cart, playing with them and the sweet conversations we have when I’m just having to focus on one kiddo.


And at the end of the night, I even got a kiss from my sweet boy!


Now I’m looking forward to a girls date next weekend when I take Sadie to our church’s Princess Tea Party!

And I have a date planned with Caleb to go to Six Flags.

Sweet, special times with 3 awesome kids!

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