My day with Caleb

Caleb got a free ticket to Six Flags (which is great but still means we spent a ton of money!)  at school this last year for reading a lot, and he’s been dying to go!  The ticket expires this weekend, so we had to squeeze in a day to get him there!  And yesterday was it!

My mom went with us because she LOVES roller coasters!  If a trip to Six Flags is going to happen, Mimi is always ready to join in on the fun! 🙂

photo 2

So off we went!

This was Caleb’s first trip there, so we weren’t sure how he’d do with all the rides.  We started him off slow with the Mexican hat, El Sombrero which he loved.

photo 1

He was a brave guy but wasn’t ready for the big roller coasters yet.  I don’t blame him!  I’m pretty sure I was in middle school before I was willing to ride one myself!  But we did get him to try some things that he was unsure about, and he thought they were awesome!  His favorite rides were the Log Flume (which we rode 3 times) and the Mine Train (2 times).  Mimi and I still got to ride the big roller coasters though by doing the Kid Swap program that Six Flags does.  So we were all happy!

And after drinking way too much Coke…

photo 4And eating this for lunch…

photo 3I feel like I need to not eat again for a week!

We had a great time, and on the way home, I kept looking over at my boy sleeping in the car.  A flood of love, pride, and happiness swept over me.  He’s such a great kid!  This sweet 8-year-old boy is super funny!  He’s smart as a whip!  He has a big heart for people!  The kid can read me like a book and can tell just from looking at me what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling (kind of scary!)!  He’s an awesome, loving big brother!  He is a huge help!  He is constantly asking questions and learning!  And he’s just a joy to be around!

I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with him all day!  He makes things fun!  He really is a joy!

He’s headed off to spend a few days camping with the grandparents and will be back in time for Meet the Teacher night this next week.  And he’ll start 3rd Grade in a week!  3rd Grade!!!  How is this possible?!

I’m glad we got to spend the day together having fun!

I’m just plain thankful all the way around!

What are your last-minute plans before school starts?



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