New addition to the Carroll kitchen

Most of the furniture in our house was lovingly given to us by family members.  I love that our family members were so generous to us over the years, and we have thoroughly enjoyed everything given to us!  So it’s kind of a big deal when we actually buy something on our own!  🙂  It makes me feel all grown up…even though we’ve been married over 11 years, have a house, full-time jobs and 3 kids!  But whatever! 🙂

Some of you will remember that I painted my kitchen cabinets recently.  And after I finished that project, I immediately started plotting on what I could do to spruce up our kitchen table.  Here’s what the table and chairs looked like. (Nevermind the boxes of junk by the table in these pictures.  We were cleaning out stuff.  I really don’t keep my sewing machine next to the kitchen table all of the time!) 🙂

photo 1

photo 2

My thought was that I would paint the table and chairs all different colors since I love a lot of color!  I never got around to telling Chris about this plan, so when I got back in town last weekend from a girls’ trip, I was surprised when he asked if I wanted to go look at a kitchen table.  Of course I said yes!

Our new table and chairs were delivered late last night. (Furniture deliveries are the worst!  They are always late and leave you stranded at the house all day.  Of course, we always plan to have furniture delivered on a day where we have something to be at that night.  We’re smart like that!)

We’re loving the new table and chairs and the updated look!

photo 3Here was the crew at lunch today!

photo 4

AND I’m super excited because I’ve always wanted nice stools at our bar area.  So we ordered 3 extra chairs that match the table to put at the bar!  I’m a happy girl!

photo 5I’m really happy with all of the changes we’ve made to our kitchen lately!

Now, I’m thinking about that little half bath nearby… 🙂


What changes have you made to your house recently?  Any projects you are working on?

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