The best part of my day

When I was headed home from work yesterday, I was pretty proud of myself and feeling good about everything I had accomplished during the day. I love days where I get a ton done! It feels good to cross things off my list! And I had a lot on my list since I was out of the office two days last week. A ton of emails to respond to. Work that had piled up. And a few big projects that I had to get done for deadlines.

But as happy as I am about being super productive, as I was working on a project at home last night (project to be revealed later when it’s all complete!) and was reflecting on my day, I had to admit to myself that the best part of my day was not all the work I got done. Not even close!

The best thing about my day was a conversation with our UPS guy. This is the best UPS guy on the planet! He is awesome!!  He goes out of his way to take care of us.  And over the years, we have become friends. He knows about my family, and he’s shared the story of his family. So when he came in and wanted to talk about some stuff going on in his life, I was thrilled to see him and have the chance to talk with him. I’m honored that he is comfortable enough with me to talk about his life…his story. And that he trusts me and wants to fill me in on what is happening in his life.  I’m proud that he feels comfortable in our church.  That he knows it’s a safe place with safe people.

Years ago, when I first started working at the church, I went to a conference where they told us that the most important thing about our jobs is people and how you can connect with and help others.  At first, I thought they were crazy.  I’m in administration for crying out loud!  My job is to get stuff done!  Make sure things run right.  Check things off my list!  The ministers’ job is talk to the people.  Not me!

Oh, how wrong I was!

Everyone’s job is about people.  Because life is about people.  It doesn’t matter what you do at all.  Your main job is to connect with, help, support, be friends with…people.  Yeah, all the other stuff is important too.  Don’t get me wrong about that.  But one of the most important things in life is how you treat other people.  Are you their friend?  Can they trust you?  Do you listen to them?  Do you make them feel heard and important…valued?

So while I’m super happy that I checked lots of things off my list yesterday, I’m even more excited that I got to listen to my friend.  To let him know that someone cares and to give him a big hug before he walked out the office door because he sure needed one!

More and more, I look for the opportunities in my day to listen to others and be a friend.  And when these opportunities come along, I have to really force myself to be totally present in the moment.  To not think about what all else I have to get done before the end of the day.  To resist the urge to check my email or mess with my phone while I’m listening.  I’ve found that I’m the worst at letting myself be distracted at home when my husband or kids are trying to talk to me.  But I’m aware of it, and I’m trying to get better.

I encourage you to look for opportunities during your day to stop for a few minutes and listen or talk to someone who is really needing someone to talk to.  They are everywhere!  You never know who needs a friend and someone to listen.

I guarantee these conversations will be the best part of your day!

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