Birthday deals you need to jump on!


(I seem to have no birthday pictures of myself.  I’ll have to remedy that in the future!  Bring on the balloons, cake and birthday hats!)

I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago.  Whee!!  I love birthdays, and I want to celebrate mine all month long.  Some years, I’ve stretched out the fun over a few months.  For those of you that remember the year I turned 30, you know it’s true!  Some of you came to every single birthday celebration I declared for myself that year!  It was great! 🙂

One of my favorite things around my birthday is all the fun emails I get from restaurants, etc. with coupons to help me celebrate my birthday.  I get these, check the expiration dates and plan when I’m going to use each one!  It’s fun stuff!  So, here are my favorite places that I get coupons from:

  • Starbucks – I have my Starbucks card registered, so they send you a little birthday message saying you have a coupon waiting for you to get either a free drink or sweet treat.  I went on my birthday this year and also used a gift card and got a passion fruit tea along with a cheesecake brownie after eating lunch at…
  • Brooklyn’s – I LOVE this place’s coupon!  They send you an email with a $10 coupon to use however you want it.  I’ll be honest with you, I have every family member in my household registered.  So I get all their birthday coupons, and I use them!  I know!  I get how it sounds, but I love this place and the coupons!  I always get their 777 lunch deal, so I can get a slice of pizza, a side salad and a drink and not spend a penny of my own money.  Did I mention I LOVE this coupon?!
  • Jason’s Deli: I guess this is the first year that I have received their emails, but they send you a $5 coupon to use any way you want.  I went and got a bowl of soup and a drink for lunch one day, and I wound up only having to pay around $1 extra.  Love it!!
  • Genghis Grill: This is another coupon that I absolutely love.  You need to go register for it right now, people!  They give you a coupon for a free bowl!  You don’t have to buy anything.  You can go in and drink water for all they care!  I always order a drink to go with it and then give them a good tip, but who can pass up a free bowl?!  Awesome!!
  • Baskin Robbins: I screwed up this year and didn’t wind up using this one before it expired.  They email you a coupon for a free ice cream.  I’ve used this one before, and it’s so fun to just walk in, get your ice cream for free and leave!  Can’t beat it!

So there you have it!  I love free stuff, and it seems especially fun when I get to get free stuff for my birthday.  And if you plan it just right, you can keep celebrating your birthday for a good while!

What other great coupons do you get from places for your birthday?  Please share so we can all join in on the fun!



I will continue to update this post with deals recommended by you!  Keep ’em coming!

6 thoughts on “Birthday deals you need to jump on!

  1. Sonny Bryan’s!! Free BBQ sandwich during your birthday week! Delicious!!
    I also signed up for Grimaldi’s free birthday pizza after we went for Dara’s birthday & used that on mine this year. Loved it!

  2. Almost any restaurant that has an online program. Chili’s and Blackeyed Pea, Texas Roadhouse just off the top of my head.

  3. You skipped my favorite…FREE Birthday burger at Red Robin plus a free ice cream sundae. Also free meals at Applebee’s, Houlihans, The String Bean and Celebration.

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