We are all creators

I bet I was a creative child. I bet we all were. But somewhere in early elementary school, I decided I wasn’t creative, and I really haven’t felt very creative since.

My mom was a teacher in the elementary school I went to. I remember knowing from an early age that my mom and other teachers valued creativity. But I felt bad because I didn’t think I was creative.

Over the years, I would have spurts of time where I felt creative, but they were few and far between. I envied the kids who were labeled “creative”. I felt like they had something I didn’t. And that made me feel less than. Not smart enough or good enough.

This all has stuck with me into adulthood. I haven’t tried to be very creative because I just didn’t think I had what it took.

But then a week or two ago, I read something that shook me out of my creativeless funk. It said that God is our creator. And since we are made in his image, that means we’re all creators and creative people too! We all have a ton of creativity in us just waiting to come out!  It’s the way we were made!

When I heard this, I did a quick glance back through my life and what do you know! I could look back and see a ton of creative moments in my life I haven’t given myself much credit for.  I’ve just focused on the ways that I’ve felt less than instead of the ways that I was already being awesome and creating great things!  I just need to keep focusing on those things!

I read another article recently that said that at the beginning of elementary school, pretty much all kids would answer the question “Are you creative?” with a resounding “Yes!”  But each year, that number would be less and less.  That by the end of elementary school, not many kids at all would identify themselves as a creative person.  So that number has to be drastically lower among adults.

I’m not sure how, but I want to encourage and support creativity in my kids, my husband, myself and my friends in a positive way.  Years ago, I was frustrated that my oldest son would not color within the lines!  It seemed like all the other kids were able to do it!  I mentioned it to my mom, and she told me not to worry.  That it was actually a good thing that he was coloring how he wanted to.  Not feeling forced to stay within the boundaries.  That eventually, he would sort of be forced to color within the lines.  To just let him color how he wanted while he still could.  I loved that, and it made me feel so much better!

May we all do a little coloring outside of the lines!  May we feel free to get creative and express ourselves in any way we see fit!  May we remember that we are children of a wildly creative Father who has passed on His gift to us!

I am a creative person! I really am!

And you are too!!

972043_10151460693378207_1817725290_n(This is the wall of art that I had family members create to decorate Sadie’s wall in her room!  I love all of the creativity that went into these paintings!  Each is distinctly unique!  Each one was made with love for my girl!)


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