Super Hero Party

The boys and I went to my favorite event of the year tonight!  Every year, the kids’ preschool has a Mom/Son event that is always a blast!  This year, it was a super hero party.


On the way home this afternoon, I asked Caleb if I should wear my Captain America costume.  He said I totally should. I double checked to make sure, and he assured me it would be good.  🙂  There probably aren’t many years left that the boys will let me dress up, so I jumped at the chance!  I wondered if I would be the only mom dressed up, but no!  I was so impressed!  So many moms were dressed up and looking awesome!

The boys always have a blast doing all the activities.  And they run around like crazy together which is probably their favorite part!

IMG_4416 IMG_4417 IMG_4423 IMG_4424 IMG_4409

This year Spider Man made an appearance!  Luke got his signature on a picture.


And I got a picture with him too!



I love the chance to do something special with my boys, and I love that the kids’ school has these kinds of events for families!

IMG_4426 IMG_4425

While we were at the party, Sadie got to have a girls night with Mimi.  They went to a tea room for dinner and then went to Hobby Lobby to get a craft.  Mom said Sadie looked around forever and finally chose a kit to make bracelets that you have to bake.  They had a fun, girly time!

IMG_9664I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!

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