Grit pays off

I am so proud of this kid! 

His teacher emailed last week saying that after testing was over, the kids would be making crafts in class on Thursday and Friday to get ready for Market Street on Monday. At Market Street, they would advertise their products and sell them for play money to learn about business, marketing and competition. 

Caleb decided he wanted to make duct tape wallets. I loved the idea, but I knew he was going to need some training. 

On Monday night, we found instructions, dug out our tape, and I walked him through how to make one. 

On Tuesday night, on the way home from work, we went and bought more tape. Then I let him make a wallet by himself while I told him what to do. He was so frustrated about the tape sticking together and having to start over a number of times. He got mad and wanted to give up. He said he would find something else to make, but I stuck to my guns. I told him I had bought the stuff. I wasn’t buying anything else. He was going to have to do what it took to make them. 

On Wednesday night, he did it all by himself. He rocked it!  He was ready to make them on his own at school.
On Thursday, he told me he had to have 30 ready for Monday. 30!!

This guy worked all weekend on these things!  He got really good and really fast at making them!  He gave up watching TV and playing to get them done!  He was a wallet making machine!!  

I’m so proud of the way he stuck with it. He worked his tail end off on making them and did what it took to get them finished!  I’m proud of the way that he problem solved and figured out ways to make the project easier. 

He would work hard up in his bedroom and then come down to show us each one after it was finished. He was so proud of every single wallet, and I was too!!

I love the way this project taught him to work through hard things, look for ways to get better and keep hustling to the end!  I love his excitement about the project and how he realized he could do it and is so proud of himself!

These are all lessons that I hope to teach my kids so they’ll be successful in life. 

I’m so proud!

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