Church Inspirations

I find myself in a lot of churches in meetings or like this weekend, in working music contests. When I go to other churches, I always keep my eyes open for inspirations and ideas. 

This week, I went to two churches. Here’s what I was inspired by:

I  had a meeting at The Village Church in Flower Mound. I loved these paintings in the children’s area. I love the colors, the creativity and thoughts. 

I also like the idea of this safety info hanging around the building.    

At Custer Road UMC, I love this idea from their bulletin!  What a special, loving thing to do for teenage moms!  

And they have great signage that gets my wheels turning.    


I like the idea of pictures in the halls showcasing their ministries and events.   

And remember my post about tassels?  Tassels on the bottom of this table cover!!   

And how can you not be inspired by this view!  I can almost hear angels singing! šŸ™‚  

I love that I get to visit churches and steal, I mean borrow, or get inspired by others’ work and ideas!

2 thoughts on “Church Inspirations

  1. Stephanie,

    This POST IS AWESOME! I love that you capture the elements that you find inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Tell me, how to catalog the ideas you find so that you can reference them when necessary?

    • Dave, thank you! That is a good question. I have seen Stephen Brewster’s Monday graphic inspiration posts and have loved them. I have a smugmug account, so I’m considering storing the images there to look back on in the future. I am open to any ideas you have on this!

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