A few of my favorite things: Kitchen stuff

I could go crazy buying kitchen stuff. There are so many cute plates, glasses,  napkins, decorations, etc! So many ways to dress up a table!

When we got married, we went with simple white plates. It’s hard not to want to get cute ones, but we stick with what we have.  

But the plates we use all the time were Chris’ grandparents’ plates. We use them everyday. They aren’t what I would pick if I was buying plates, but the memories of them for Chris make them the most valuable things on the planet!  We love them! 

When we got married, we got glass cups.  

But we mostly use these.  You can’t beat non-breakable, tall glasses! Now I want some sweet tea!

And mugs!  Chris and I have to limit ourselves on these. Our cabinet is full. We need no more. But it’s hard to turn down a cute mug!  Mmm, coffee!! 

And last, I LOVE table linens!  Tablecloths.  Napkin rings. (And napkin rings to go with them.) Placemats. Table runners. Anything to make the table cute!

I got this set of napkins a few years ago. They are made with t-shirt material so they are super soft. And I love the designs!


What kitchen stuff do you go crazy over?

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