A few of my favorite things: Bags

We all have things we’re drawn to. This morning, I clicked on an email that had pictures of bags that were so cute!  I immediately thought I would love one. Then the thought was immediately replaced by a little voice in my head that said “I know you love bags. And those are super cute. But you don’t need anymore bags. Seriously!  You have enough!”

Darn voice.

That got me thinking about a few things that I absolutely love and can’t seem to get enough of. I will talk about more things that I love in days to come, but today we will talk about bags.

Like I said, I love bags. But to be clear, I like tote-ish bags. Not purses. I’m not really into purses.  The purse that I am currently using was passed on to me by a friend.  Another friend had already used it before her.  So I’m the 3rd person to use this purse…a fact that I’m perfectly OK with and pretty happy and even a little proud about! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite tote bags:

I got this bag from Envirosax on my trip to Vegas with my two BFFs. We had spent the day at the Red Rock hotel’s fantastic spa and when we were about to leave, I saw this bag and fell in love with it. It wads up tiny but it’s a good-sized bag that I’ve used for a million things. Love it!!


I love this large utility tote from Thirty One.  You can fit a ton of stuff in this thing. I’ve taken it camping, on other trips, hauled stuff to work, taken meals to friends, etc. It’s perfect!


I got this bag a few years ago when The Open Arms Shop was joining up with Blue Avocado to do some crowd sourcing for funding.  It is made of t-shirt material and is the softest thing on the planet.  I have used it to carry books and notebooks, my crochet stuff, conference items, etc.  I absolutely love this bag!


This next bag, I got when our church was doing a fundraiser for the Ladies Ministry through Mixed Bag Designs.  It’s the perfect size for a weekend away, and it’s made with some kind of plastic-y stuff.  It folds up very small, is extremely light weight and is easy to clean.  I’ll be using it this weekend on our family road trip!


This last bag was given to me by a good friend who lived in the Philippines for a few years for her husband’s work.  This bag is weaved from juice pouches (like Capri Suns).  She also gave me a matching coin purse that I always keep in my purse.  I love the fact that this was made by repurposing items and was handmade.  How cool is that!  And it’s super special to me that it came from my friend!


Do you love bags?  What are some of your favorite bags?

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