Caleb Mini Trip

I try to take my oldest, Caleb, on a little overnight trip once a year.  And someday, when the twins get a little bigger, I want to do the same with them.

Chris and I see these little trips as one of the best things we can do as parents (as well as other smaller times throughout the year also).  We want to make time to enjoy, talk with, listen to, learn about, etc. each of our three kids, and what better way to do this than to get them off by themselves for at least a day or two each year to really get to spend some special, quality time!

Let’s be honest.  When you’re the oldest kid in a family where there are 3-year-old twins, sometimes you get the shaft.  The little kids are pretty demanding, and mom and dad don’t get to spend as much quality time as they would like with you.  Plus you  get called on to help out all the time!  Now, don’t get me wrong!  There are a ton of perks too – like being worshiped by your younger siblings, getting to do all the cool things first, getting some special treatment like getting to stay up later than the little kids, etc.  But still, it can be hard!

So Friday night, Caleb and I headed to the big town of Rockwall, TX because he wanted to go to Shenaniganz to bowl.  So we bowled…(we won’t talk about our bowling scores)

2014 caleb trip 1   2014 caleb trip 2

And then we decided that we needed to ride the go-karts.  This was Caleb’s first time to ride in one, so he wanted mom to drive.  Now that he’s had his initial experience, he’s ready to drive on his own on our next trip!

2014 caleb trip 3

After go-karts, we went to the little restaurant to get the boy (and mom) some pizza.  Pizza really could be this kid’s middle name.

2014 Caleb trip 4

Then it was off to play some games.

2014 caleb trip 5   2014 caleb trip 6

And I may or may not have tried to talk him into going to roll/TP my brother and sister-in-law’s house.  You see, they live about a mile from Shenaniganz.  They’re right there!  And what a fun way for a mom and son to bond!  Plus, Casey and Lauren would never expect it!  I tried really hard to talk him into it.  But my little rule follower wouldn’t have it!  I think he was worried that mom might get arrested over this thing.  Plus there was the whole discussion about if we did it, he was going to text Casey to let him know that it was us.  And where’s the fun in that!!  So, I reluctantly dropped the idea and we went back to our hotel room to watch TV and get some rest.

I had the next morning all planned out…and then we slept in until 9:15.

I woke up, looked at my phone and was like “Caleb!  It’s 9:15!  Breakfast closes in 15 minutes!”  One of the things he wanted to do on our little trip was get breakfast and eat it in our hotel room while watching TV.  So we made it in time to get some food and then spent a little time just chilling in the room.

Then we went to Urban Air, and indoor trampoline park in Rockwall.  We both loved it!

2014 caleb trip 7   2014 caleb trip 8

2014 caleb trip 9   2014 caleb trip 10

And I’ll just say one thing!  Jumping on trampolines is kind of a different experience after you’ve had 3 kids.  Sadly, my trampoline days may be over!

2014 caleb trip 11

We had a great time on our mini trip!  I love any time I get to spend with just Caleb.  He’s such a cool kid!  It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life (and managing the craziness of 3 kids) and miss how awesome he is.  What a great kid he is!  And how exciting it is to watch him grow up!  I am thrilled as I look down the road and see the amazing teenage and adult versions of this kid!  I am extremely blessed to be his mom.

And we’re already cooking up ideas for next year’s trip!

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