Not the parent!

One of the biggest issues I’m facing with my kids right now is that my oldest son seems to think he’s a parent to the 2 three year olds. They’ll do something he thinks/knows is not right, and he feels the need to take care of the problem.

But the thing is…he’s 8 years old! And definitely not a parent!

Granted, he is a huge help with the younger kids. But still! Not their parent!

And more often than not, when he tries to act like the parent, things get worse.

After having a conversation with him the other day about this very thing, I thought to myself that it’s not just him. I’ve been known to do this too!

We think we know what’s best for others. We think we have the answers. We think we have a responsibility to step in and make things right. We just start talking when we really should keep listening (or not talk at all!). And often, we just make things worse.

So now that I’m thinking more about this, I’m trying to listen more, pray more, understand more, etc. before I act.

Oh the things we learn from our kids!

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