You made my day!

There are days that we all need a pick-me-up.  But even when we are having the best of days, it’s always great to get some encouragement!  The simplest thing can make our day!

A few weeks ago, I was hustling around church on a Sunday morning and was stopped by a friend who gave me a great hug out of the blue.  That hug snapped me out of my busy-ness.  I loved that hug!  That it came out of the blue.  That it was at a time that I really could have used a hug!  So later that afternoon, I texted  my friend and told them that it had been a great hug and that I appreciated it!

The very next Sunday morning, I was standing in the back of the Auditorium trying to find someone when another friend walked up and randomly gave me a hug.  Again, it was unexpected and it made my day!  The next morning, I emailed this friend to tell them that I appreciated their hug!

A few days ago, a friend came into my office and we chatted for a few minutes.  Before she left, she gave me a hug.  And it lifted my spirits!

That afternoon, I got a text out of the blue from a friend just saying that they appreciate all I do.  I texted back letting them know that their text had made my day!

Each of these things were so little!  They weren’t planned out.  They weren’t big.

But they were big to me!

It’s amazing how just showing a little kindness, a little care, a little love can make a pretty big difference!

So now I’m trying to be more aware of little things that I can do for others.  I have no idea if they’ll make a difference, but what if they do?  What if a hug, a card, a text, a phone call, a Facebook like, a small gift, etc. is the thing that makes a friend’s day?

And you know how I texted/emailed the first two friends that made my day?  I heard back from both of them saying that me letting them know my day was made completely made their day too!  We don’t always need recognition for doing nice things, but it sure is nice to hear that you are appreciated!  And it’s pretty special to hear that something that was a tiny thing to you was a huge thing to someone else! And I learned that I need to show my appreciation more!  When something someone did for me touches me, I need to let them know that it was a big deal!  That it made my day!

Let’s go make someone’s day!


What has someone done for you that totally made your day?

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