My dad


My dad is my hero. Period. He’s the one I’ve always wanted to be like and the one that I’ve always wanted to be proud of me. And I’ve always known he is. Even when I would get in trouble or screw things up. Sure, I might have seen the wrath of Mitcho first, but I always knew at the end of the day that I was loved and he was proud of me.

There are 3 things that I think sum up my dad. It’s hard to sum up a man who is larger than life in 3 words, but I think these 3 pretty much do it because they encompass so much.

Dad is the first person to step up if someone needs anything! Always! If he sees a need, he does what he can to meet it. He’s a man who can come off as very intimidating, but under that at times scary front is a man with the biggest heart for people that you will ever find! As a kid, I saw him help others on nights, weekends, at times when it was not convenient for him, when the project was a big pain in the butt, when the person he was helping was a friend and when they were someone hard to like. He is always serving!

Dad sacrificed so much for us kids. He worked hard to provide for us. When he started his own business and was short on cash, he mowed lawns and did what he needed to do to take care of our family. We didn’t have things most families had growing up. No new cars. No new houses. No cable tv. Not much eating out. We didn’t buy much. Don’t get me wrong, we still had a lot. But dad was quietly planning for the future. And later when I needed money for a school trip, a new flute, and COLLEGE, dad had the money there ready for me. And any time I have ever needed anything, he has been there ready to drop what he’s doing and come at a moment’s notice! I remember one day in college when I had car trouble. He jumped in the car and drove 3 hours to help me out. And he still does it for me all the time! I just have to call, and he’s there! The man is a walking example of what it means to sacrifice for your family!

I know my dad is my biggest fan. (Well, mom too!) Like I said, dad has the biggest heart. And as a daddy’s girl, I’ve always known I’ve had him wrapped around my finger! :). He’s always been there to give me the love I need. When I was in marching band in high school, I could always hear my dad screaming for me from the stands. It was slightly embarrassing, but I loved it! And I know he’s there cheering me on in life everyday! His love is so big!

Some people have a hard time imagining that God could love them because they’ve never seen much love from their father. I have a hard time imagining God being able to love me any more than I am already loved by my dad. He’s loved me that big!!

Dad has been a “pert-near” perfect example of a godly father in my life! I am one lucky girl!

I love you, Daddy! Happy Father’s Day!

Love, Steph

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