Wedding outfit


My youngest cousin got married tonight! And since I never buy dresses, I decided the wedding was going to be my excuse to get a new one!

I went to 3 stores and didn’t find anything that worked.

Then at my 4th store, I finally found a dress I liked. I started looking at shoes and had to get an employee to help me. She was a young cute girl who looked like she had way better fashion sense than me, so I asked if she could help me find the rest of my outfit!

So here’s the shoes:


And the jewelry:


Here’s the whole thing:


My new friend at the store was awesome! She had never been to a wedding before, and I kind of wanted to bring her with me!

At the wedding, Sadie caught/grabbed the bouquet:


And Caleb got the garter on a football:


One more Carroll kid to go! 🙂

Congratulations, Emily and Josh!!


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