It’s the end of the school year, and the rules are changing!

One day last week, I just happened to be a few minutes later than normal picking up my kiddo and a friend from school.  Now, let me be clear…I was still on time!  I can’t help that the school lets the kids out 5 minutes early everyday!  Not my fault!  I still don’t get this!

That day, I was told by the kids that since I was late, we needed to go pick up a snack on the way.  I was kind of in the mood for a drink anyway, so I went ahead with the plan.  I’m such a push-over sometimes!  Especially when Sonic drinks are involved!

Two days later, our friend who was picking the kids up was a few minutes late, so the kids introduced her to their new rule.  Another win for them!

Today was my turn to get the kids again.  I thought about being late on purpose so we could go through Sonic to get a drink, but I wasn’t.  I was right on time!

But when I walked up to the school, our friend that I pick up immediately asked if I was late.  I wasn’t!  I was actually one minute ahead of schedule.

That’s when the rules changed!  Today’s rule stated that “if you don’t get here by the time the 2nd grade is all out of the school, you are late!”

The rules are harsh, my friends!

So, we went to Sonic.  And we were all happy! 🙂

photo (42)

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