A plea to clothes designers everywhere

There’s something going on in the world today that really bothers me. It is disturbing enough to me that I can’t sit in silence any longer! So, what has me all riled up?

All of the form fitted shirts being sold as if they are viable clothing options for the majority of the female population!

photo 1 (2)

Let’s be honest! For most of us, the days of being able to wear these shirts are long gone! That ship has sailed and is a nice, faint memory that we look upon and wonder what the heck happened since then!

But I can tell you what happened to me:

I had 3 kids.

Two of them at the same time! And try as I might, things in the stomach region are going to never be the same. Not even close! I’m convinced that there’s pretty much nothing I can do to help this. I’m doomed to look about 3 months pregnant all the time. (Having twins makes this extra special!)  And I might could get skinny again if I worked hard enough.  But that leads me to my second point…

I like food.

Honestly, before I had kids, I didn’t really care about food.  I know!  Shocking!  These days, food equals fun for me.  Have something to celebrate?  You can’t celebrate without food!  Hanging out with friends?  There’s always food!  Food is just plain fun!  And most days I’m not sure I’m willing to give up the enjoyment of food to be all completely skinny again.  I want to enjoy life!

photo 2 (2)(Sorry for the wrinkly clothes pictures.  :))

I went shopping yesterday to stock up on some summer shirts.  I would love to wear the cute little tank tops that line the shelves of stores these days…but I can’t! I won’t do that to you, my friends!  The greatest form of love for friends just might be in not wearing those tight things! 🙂   Luckily I did find some shirts that are cute and not tight.  Yay!  But oh, how I look upon those form-fitting shirts each time I see them and reminisce.  Those days were good!

But these days are good too!  And I’ll gladly take a body that’s a little different because it means I’m enjoying life.  Kids, food and all!

So, to clothes designers everywhere, please bring on more cute shirts with a little extra room!  There are a whole lot of us moms out there who need you! 🙂

3 thoughts on “A plea to clothes designers everywhere

  1. Funny, I’d just commented on another post (I wish I could remember the young woman’s name) she’d written a post about being an ‘un-small’ person in a world filled with ‘thin’ media…I am an ‘un-small’ person too and after thirty years, I finally fit, not because I changed sizes, but because I changed attitudes 🙂
    And you’re absolutely right, clothes shopping can be difficult with options being limited – me, more for the bottom half than the top half –
    And I’m sure you look better today, than ever – your friendly words glow on this post, your physical self must sparkle!

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