Overwhelmed and frustrated

I felt overwhelmed last night.

When I picked the twins up from school, Sadie hugged me and said I was the best Momma ever.  When we got home, she threw down on the front porch and had a fit.  I wasn’t the best Momma ever anymore. 🙂

Caleb does all of his homework on Monday nights.  And it takes all. night. long.  Not fun.

My house is a wreck and it’s driving me nuts!


When it was the kids’ bed time, I was done.  And of course they were not easy to put down.  They kept getting up.  They used every stall tactic in the book.  So I was frustrated.

This morning, I could not get them to get up and get ready.  We were pressed for time and they would just not move!

Again, I was frustrated.

When we got into the parking lot at my son’s school, it was time for a little pow-wow.

I apologized for the fact that I had been so frustrated with them last night and this morning, but I also let them know that they are going to have to help me out.  We are going to have to get better about bed times, mornings, picking up after ourselves, not being so loud all the time, being nice to each other, etc.  Especially since Chris is at school 3 nights a week and is pretty much busy the rest of the time.

We’re in a crazy period in our lives.  I’ve learned to let many things go, so I don’t feel overwhelmed too often.  But when I do, the little things that the kids do frustrate me more than ever.  And I don’t like being frustrated at them.

So after I apologized for being so frustrated, Sadie immediately said “It’s OK Momma!  God is with you!”

Aww!  Yay!  Parenting win!

It was super sweet and cute for a few seconds, and then I was like “Thank you, Sadie!   You are right!  God is always with us and I don’t have to be frustrated.  But still!!  You guys have got to help me out!”

Here’s to hoping we have an easier night tonight!  And here’s to a God who is always with us!