And the wall came tumbling down


Year by year. Month by month. Day by day. Little by little, the wall was built. Carefully, each stone had been set into place.

My heart was a well guarded fort. My defenses were up. It was a hard structure. Envied by others for its strength. I thought it was really good at protecting. A great structure to behold. And for the most part, it was. That’s what I had made it for. That was its job! I took pride in that wall.

That wall doesn’t stand anymore. It’s gone. Some wrecking balls showed up and smashed it. Obliterated it. Destroyed it. No wall remains. The fragments of the wall were hauled away. The hauling away was a lot of tireless work. Back breaking work. But finally, it was all gone.

Sometimes I miss that wall. It was an old friend. There is temptation to start rebuilding. Some days I just want some protection. Some days it just seems like things would be easier if I had a wall again. Some days it’s just plain nostalgia.

But I’ve come to realize that without the wall, I have an awesome view! I just couldn’t see it before. I was crouched down hiding behind the wall, so I missed out on so much beauty beyond the wall. I thought the wall was beautiful, but so much more beauty is out there on the other side. And with no wall anymore, the view is great! It’s absolutely stunning! Breathtaking!

Oh, and the fresh air is nice too. It was really stuffy in my fortress. Not very pleasant. It’s nice to be able to take deep breaths of good, clean air. I feel like I can finally breathe again.

So I choose daily, monthly, yearly not to rebuild. I remind myself of the perks of no wall. Of the damage that the wall created. Of the freeing feeling when it finally fell.

I didn’t choose to have the wall destroyed, but I’m glad it was. I’m glad it’s gone. I feel free, and I’m enjoying the adventure on the other side of the wall.