Brave, Warrior Friends

I was blessed beyond measure to have lunch with a dear friend today who has served churches immensely.

We had been casual acquaintances for a good while until one special day.  That morning, I had been really feeling like I needed to talk to someone about something I was dealing with, but I just couldn’t bring myself to actually talk about it.  But I kept feeling this nagging sensation that I really needed to share it with someone.  I had a meeting to attend, and when I got there, this lady was already there.  We struck up a conversation, and I asked her a simple question…to which she bravely told me about where she was in life and what she was struggling with.  And it was along the lines of the thing I was needing to talk about!  So, I got to spill my guts too!  

Ever since then, this lady is like one of my soul sisters.  She is on my heart, and I know I am on her heart.  I still find it amazing how God orchestrated that conversation, and I am so glad that she was brave enough to answer my simple question truthfully.  It sure was a big help to me!

I love that I have friends who know my junk, and I know their junk, and we love each other through our junk!  Life is full of junk, and I’m thankful for brave, strong friends who with me on this journey.  Who encourage me, remind me that I am a warrior princess, and help me fight the good fight!