My New Home Office

Some of you may remember that when Chris started a new job a few years ago, we set him up a home office.

Now that I’m working from home, it was my turn. (Chris graciously moved his stuff upstairs.)

If you know me well, you know that I hate spending money. And I want anything in my house to mean something to me/us. I don’t want to just buy something to buy something. But I still want it to look good.

My friends Jeremy and Betsy came over a few weeks ago to help me hang stuff on the walls since this is not my gift. Here’s what all I went with:

My friend Jami painted this, and it was in my office at church over my door. People have always commented how much they like it.


The church staff gave me this as a going-away present. Drew said it reminded him of all the chalkboard signs I would do for the church and all the little sayings that kind of sound like something I would say. 🙂 It was a wonderfully thoughtful gift that I love!


This cross also hung in my church office.


Over the last few years, I feel like God has been teaching me two things: to really put my trust in Him and to wait for Him and His timing.  I wanted something to remind me of these things.


The night Jeremy and Betsy were over, I put them to work on this next one! They both have some mad creativity and artistic skills, so they designed and painted this board for me. Talk about good friends who come over and gladly help you out! I did feed them! 🙂


I stole this C from where it was in our kitchen. Not that exciting. 🙂


And this was a gift from my Spiritual Director when the covenant group I was in for the last year wrapped up. It’s a beautiful reminder of the new friends I made, our times together, and the things I learned about God and faith through this year. At some point, I will color it, but I’m still thinking about the colors I want to use. It must be perfect! 🙂


And here’s the whole thing!


My new boss was super nice to let me steal/use his desk idea. It’s a door from home depot on legs from IKEA. I bought the blue lamps from IKEA because I wanted cute lamps. 🙂 The bigger light is from IKEA too because the room was in some desperate need of more light. I have a fancy new Apple computer, and Chris set me up with the monitors, speakers, etc.

Oh, and I had to get a chair and a floor mat too.

Ignore the DVD player on the floor in the picture.  Kids!

I’m loving my new space!  It’s perfect for what I need, and I’m happy with the way it turned out!


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