When you tell your husband he can have a desk…

When you tell your husband he can have a desk…

You have to clear out the old toy room and move stuff upstairs.

photo (24)







Then you have to make sure all 3 kids have toy boxes in their rooms.

photo (33)







Then you go desk shopping. You get a desk and a file thingy. You bring it all home and have to put it together.

photo (30)

But since your husband is getting a desk, you ask for a nice chair because you’ve always wanted the front room to look nice. It’s only fair! So you go chair shopping.

Then your husband decides he needs two monitors and a keyboard for the new desk.

photo (26)

And then he decides he needs a desk chair.

photo (28)

Then he decides he needs a chair mat for the chair to roll around on. All of these take separate trips to the store.

photo (27)

Then you start taking the old decorations off the walls and you realize the wall is all messed up…

So you have to paint that room.

photo (32)

All the while, you are looking for a small table to go by the new chair. You’ve signed up for a “Do-it-herself” workshop at Home Depot. Come to find out, your project is to make a table with a mosaic top! Perfect!

But then you have to paint the table.

photo (29)

Your chair gets delivered and you decide you want a pretty pillow to go on it.

photo (31)

And finally, you call it good!

Except, now you are wanting a small table lamp and floor lamp…

All because your husband wanted a desk!

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