Puddle jumpers to the rescue

Poor Caleb hasn’t gone swimming much in his 9 years of living. We went some when he was little but not a lot.

Then came the twins.

The thought of taking three kids – two being tiny and two of them and all three being big chickens like Momma – just didn’t sound like much fun for the last, oh, 4 years. Plus it would have been a ton of work to get them ready, get them there, wrangle all three in the water, make sure no one died, etc. Too much work! And most of the time, I would have had to take them by myself, and that wasn’t happening! I took the easy road. We just didn’t go to the pool. 🙂

But this year is different.

The twins had swimming lessons.  That they absolutely loved!  In this case, having two kids the same age made it easier. They had a blast and weren’t scared because their buddy was right there with them.


They are older and all-around easier to manage.

They can dress themselves to get ready for the pool.

They can get their own towels.

AND last week, my parents got them puddle jumpers. Talk about game changers!  These kids have no fear now!  They jump off the side. Swim to the far side of the pool by themselves. Float on their backs. The whole works!

IMG_0430IMG_0450IMG_0452IMG_0453IMG_0454IMG_0455 Of course you still have to watch them like a hawk. But I don’t have to hold both of them all the time. Yes!!

We are now hitting the pool hard!  My goal is now to go swimming pretty much every night after work if we don’t have something to do. And hit it hard on the weekends!

This having older kids thing is alright!

Who’s up for a pool party with some crazy kids?

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