Graduation Day

I graduated today.  I am now a Certified Church Administrator!  Woohoo!!!

This certification is something I had wanted to do for years, but when I started having kids (and especially having them two at a time), it had to wait. 🙂

I have been working toward the certification for the last two years.  I have gone to classes the last two summers, did a project and then wrote a paper about it. The first year, my class was at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and last year’s was at Dallas Baptist University.

It’s a big deal to me.  It’s a goal I’ve dreamed of accomplishing.  I’ve worked hard for it.  Chris supported me over the last two years by letting me go to the classes and handling the kids while I was gone.  My parents have chipped in and done their part in helping Chris while I was gone too.  So many people at church helped along the way.  Chris graciously edited and formatted my paper when I was ready to throw the computer into the wall. 🙂

I was thrilled to walk across the stage today!  It was fun to have my Dallas Church Administrator friends there to cheer me on and attend the reception afterwards!





(Me and my certification director, Dr. Terry Bertrand)

I’m excited to see what the future holds for me in Church Administration!

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