Trying something new: Guitar

There are so many things that I want to do. I used to sit back and think there was no way I’d ever be able to do them all in this lifetime. 

I wanted to try new things, but I would let fear stand in my way. 

Then last year, I decided to push past my fears and just try. 

I always wanted to write stories for my kids. So I made simple books for the twins. Check! (I still want to do more of this.)

I have always wanted to sew. Chris bought me a sewing machine, and I called my mom and Grandmother in to help!  Just this last week, I finally sewed some tablecloths all by myself with no help at all. Check!!

I wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets. It took 5 weeks, but I painted them and they are beautiful!  Check!!!

I thought gardening would be fun. I’m now on year 2 of my garden at home. I expanded it this year and am excited to watch it grow!

And lately, I decided I wanted to play guitar. I have a music degree that stares at me from up high on my office wall just daring me to make music again. I’ve always thought guitar would be fun. 

I called up my mom one day and asked if she still had her old guitar. She looked around, found it, had new strings put on it and brought it to me. She also posted on Facebook asking if anyone had a guitar I could use.   

One of my brother-in-laws saw mom’s post and said I could use his guitar!  It made its way from Abilene to Dallas!   


I now have 2 guitars!!

A friend from high school contacted me awhile back saying he is now teaching guitar lessons. I decided to give lessons a try, so I emailed my friend!  I’ve had my first lesson and practice every night! I just finished practicing for an hour and it was awesome!!

Chris bought me a Taylor Swift guitar book for Mother’s Day. I went to Guitar Center tonight and bought three more books. (The kids and I think Guitar Center is the coolest place ever!!)   


Driving in the car today, I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel, felt the soreness that comes from playing the guitar and smiled to myself. 

I have a ton of time to do all the things I want to do!  I just have to start. I just have to try. 

Maybe next will be my dream of being a songwriter. 

Just maybe. 🙂

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