Weekend in Addison: in pictures

Once a year, Chris and I take a weekend to do a personal retreat to spend time with God, listen to him and relax.  Chris had already done his, so it’s been my turn.  Our weekends have been so full since the beginning of 2015 that I hadn’t been able to go on mine yet.  I had tentatively scheduled my weekend at the end of March, but suddenly our weekend opened up on Friday.  Chris immediately said I should jump at the chance to do my weekend.  And am I going to argue with a husband encouraging me to spend a weekend all by myself?  NOPE!

I quickly started trying to find a place to go.  When I do my retreats, there are two requirements: I have to be near places to walk…and I have to be near restaurants.  I like to walk around, see pretty stuff and be active.  And I sure don’t want to have to cook on my special weekend!  I do that at home all the time!  It just so happened I went to a town with lots of parks and the most restaurants per capita.  Win, win!

I found a decent but cheap hotel in Addison and once Chris got home from work on Friday night, I was off!

More stories will come later, but here are some of my pictures from the weekend of my walk through many of the parks in Addison.


Celestial Park

011   013

Addison Circle


Cool building on my way to another park nearby

023   025   026   027

Quorum Park


I went to see Imitation Game at LOOK on Saturday afternoon.  Awesome movie!


I love this blue bridge.


Cool tunnel under the Addison Airport.

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