Fair Trade Clothing


Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about generosity, and a fire has been lit in me.  I’m pretty convinced at this point that when you start thinking/reading about generosity, it is almost impossible to not get excited!  Just try it!  I dare you! 🙂

At first, I started thinking about small changes I could make in my life like ways of being generous with my time, write notes to send to people, small gifts, etc.

And now it’s growing into bigger things like a desire to spend my money in the most responsible, respectful ways.

I am now wanting to start buying clothes little by little from fair trade companies.  I want to spend my money with companies who care about people and take care of them as well as thinking about the environment.  I realize this may make me sound weird. 🙂  I am weird.

I also plan to shop more from resale shops.  I have already been doing this, but I want to do it more.  I don’t buy many clothes, but the ones I do buy, I want to do my part to make a difference.  My favorite resale shop right now is Clothes Mentor.

When I started looking around for options, I realized it’s not that easy to find good information…especially about companies in the United States.  The UK seems to be ahead of us in this area.

So, I contacted some friends who know a whole lot more than me who gave me some good ideas.  Then I contacted Fair & Square Imports in McKinney, TX and asked for more references.  And here is a post from Leah Wise that was posted on Rachel Held Evans’ blog that was helpful.

Here is my running list so far of clothing companies.  I will update this list as I learn of more places that I like.



People Tree

Mata Traders


Global Girlfriend

Global Mamas

Green Heart Shop

Fair Indigo

Marigold Fair Trade

Jewelry, Bags, etc.

Noonday Collection

Blue Avocado – The Open Arms Shop

The Vintage Pearl – Gives to other organizations

Ten Thousand Villages

What am I missing?  What other stores are out there?

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