Feeling seen

A friend recently told me about a funeral she had just been to for her mom’s best friend. This lady had been in her 80s and had been sick for years causing her to not really go out or see people. But her funeral was packed!  My friend talked to a man who was openly weeping at the funeral. She asked him where he knew this lady from, and he said he was a waiter in a restaurant that the friend ate at year’s ago. Though many years had gone by since he had seen her, he still loved her and the way she had made him feel…loved, encouraged, cared for and seen. 


A friend has recently noticed when I’ve been busy and has jumped in to help numerous times. It made me feel seen. It’s been big!


A church leader pointed something out to me a few weeks ago that goes right along with how God has recently been nudging my heart.  This conversation made me feel seen by both the leader and by God. 


Have you ever felt invisible?  I have. 

Most of the time, we go through life at break-neck speeds. We rush through and don’t stop to really notice things…or people. 

So it’s big when someone notices. 

People are dying to be noticed. To feel like they matter. 

I want to be someone who notices. Who encourages. Cares for people. Loves them deeply. Makes them feel seen. 

I have a long way to go on this. But the more I receive this gift from others, the more I want to give it in return. 

The gift of being seen is a treasure. 

When has someone made you feel seen?

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