Another quirky thing about me

If everyone is doing something, I don’t want to do it.  There is a big part of me that rebels against anything that everyone else is doing. 

There’s a cool TV show that everyone’s watching?  You can bet I probably haven’t seen it.  (Much to the dismay of my Downton Abbey-watching friends these days.  Oh, and I’ve never seen an episode of American Idol.  Shocking!!  Sorry Lindsay! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

A style of clothes is all the rage?  Yeah, I’ll be one of the last on that band-wagon.  (I really should jump on board with this sooner.  I wait until the style is going out of fashion before I buy something, and then I don’t get to wear it as long as I would have otherwise.  I should be smarter about this.  I already don’t like spending money.  I need to make stuff last!  So maybe I should change my stance on this one.  Sounds good, right, Chris Carroll? Oh, wait, there’s that whole not liking to shop thing too! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I’m definitely not an early adopter of cool gadgets or electronics due to the sole fact that I don’t like spending money.  Wait, I’ve already said that.

Really, if something is a big deal to a lot of people, I’m probably rebelling against it.

My mom was talking about something the other day, and off the cuff said “But you probably don’t know about that because you don’t like to do what everybody else is doing.”  What?!!!  Dang it, it’s amazing how well my mom knows me!  Most of the time she knows me better than I know myself.  Probably because I’m too busy being myself, working and wrangling three young children to stop and analyze myself.  (This works out really well at Christmas time!  I don’t have a fat clue what I want, but because my mom knows me so well, I get exactly what I was wanting but couldn’t think of when it was time to make my list.  Man, I want to be like my mom someday!  Dear Carroll kids, I’m trying.  I really am!  In the meantime, there’s Mimi!)  But she was so right!

I’m not sure if this is all a good thing or a bad thing.  I think sometimes it’s both.  There are a lot of times that I am one of the first to jump on an idea…especially if it’s mine!  (Hmmm…)  There are times that I think it’s good to be different from the rest of the world.  There are other times that I wish I was more like everyone else.

What are some of your quirks?

3 thoughts on “Another quirky thing about me

  1. Me, too! If an English teacher in high school told us we could “use a prompt or make our own” . . .I was going to make my own, even if it was extra work.

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