A game recommendation from a non-game person

I am not a game person.  Really, the thought of playing games stresses me out.  I just want to go run and hide in a corner or something.  Maybe jump in bed and pull the covers over my head.  I don’t really want any part of it!  I’m such a weirdo and a wimp!

I’m not sure where this comes from, but it’s real, y’all!  Maybe it comes from childhood playing with a little brother who would do whatever it took to win…including lots of cheating.  That’s right, Casey!  I said it! 🙂

Maybe it comes from the fact that I’m a hardcore introvert.  And if I have any downtime, I would rather spend it by myself reading a nice book, etc.  Not interacting with other people!!  I already have to do that all day long anyway!  I really am horrible!

Last week, we were on vacation with my whole family.  So when my sister-in-law announced on the first day that she had a fun game that she all wanted us to play, I tried to play it cool and not say anything.  Then that night when we put the kids to bed, I quickly realized she was dead serious!  And she wasn’t going to let it drop!  By this time, we had spent the day on the beach in the hot sun, and I was dog tired and ready to jump in bed.  (Have I mentioned that I’m not a night person?  Or a morning person for that matter?)  No one would agree to play the game with my sister-in-law, and somehow she decided that if I decided to play, everyone else would join in too.  She even got a little feisty and threw down “Alright folks!  At some point this week, we are playing this game at least once!” Or something like that. 🙂

Since I’m such a great sister-in-law (so selfless!  Yeah right!), I said (finally) and in a cheery tone (not!) that we could play the game.  And everyone joined in.

And after playing the game that night, I couldn’t wait to play it every night after that!  On the second night, I started letting my oldest son stay up late to play it with us because I knew that he would love it and it would be hilarious watching him play it!  Again, so selfless of me!

So, the game is Telestrations.


It’s like the old-fashioned telephone game but with drawings instead of whispering in ears.  You write down what the word is then the next person has to draw it.  Then it’s passed to the next person and they have to guess it.  And on and on.  It’s awesome!

We all were crying from laughing so hard on the first night when my sister-in-law had to draw an ostrich to which my mom’s guess was “man reading to a large duck”.  Funny stuff!  And let me tell you, my 8-year-old rocks this game!

I don’t own this game yet, but I can tell you that I will soon!  And I’ll be forcing all of my introverted, non-game loving friends into playing it with me!  🙂

Who’s in?  Who wants to come????

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