Purse Clean-Out Day

There comes a time in every woman’s life when enough is enough!  You’ve had it, and can’t take it anymore!

It’s time to clean out your purse!

Cleaning out my purse is always an adventure!  I never know what is hiding in the depths of that thing.  Today’s experience did not disappoint!

So, today we are going to talk about the obvious essentials that every purse needs:

First, the most obvious needs.  Wallet (or 2 in my case.  This girl’s gotta have her normal wallet and then another one to hold her cash and change.  Important stuff!).  Keys.  And Kindle.  Everyone has a Kindle in their purse, right?  Yeah, I thought so!  Moving on!
photo 2 (5)

A ton of paper trash!  Because you know you cannot throw anything out!  You might need it!  If you throw it away, you’re going to need it the very next day!  That’s just the way it goes!

photo 1 (6)


Pens.  And not just one or two!  Because when you need one, you can never find it!  So you must have the equivalent of a whole box of pens in your purse at all times.  I’m sorry!  I don’t make up the rules, people!
If you ever need a pen, I’m your girl!  I’ve got you and a room full of friends covered!

photo 3 (4)


Broken blind slats.  Because eventually, you’re going to get around to fixing those darn things!  And when you finally decide to do it, you are going to need the original ones to make the match!

photo 4 (3)


A bag of ear plugs.  Seriously!  Why do I have these in my purse?!  But you never know when you’re going to need these!  They could come in very handy!

photo 5 (2)


Multiple things of chapstick.  Nevermind that when you actually need or want it, you won’t be able to find one!  The more in your purse, the better the odds are of you finding one!  Maybe!

photo 1 (4)


Rainbow/crazy/etc. loom bracelets for the kids.  No, you really don’t need these!  But if you’re a mom, they find a way in your purse.  It’s magic, really!

photo 2 (4)


A whole medicine cabinet!  A little bit of something for you.  A little bit of something for the kids!

photo 4 (1)


Dirty socks.  I’m really not sure how these got in there!  And why are there only 3?!!  Hey, you’re all just lucky that I finally took out a pair of kids (clean) underwear the other day.  That would have made the picture too!

photo 5 (1)


Three pairs of sunglasses.  Here we have 2 pairs for me and one for my son.  I have 2 pairs because I thought I lost a pair a few weeks ago and had to go get another pair.  Shockingly, they were not lost somewhere in my purse but in my husband’s car.  Now I have a brown option and a black option.  Fancy!

photo 1 (5)


A flashlight.  Because you never know when you’re going to need one!  This also doubles as a great toy for kids!

photo 3 (3)


And last, but not least!  Toys for the kids.  Because you never know when you’re going to need something to entertain them at a moments notice!  Purse toys have saved my bacon time and time again!

photo 4 (2)


I did you all a favor and did not take pictures of the nasty pieces of what I’m guessing used to be some kind of food, etc.  Gross!!!


Alright, ladies!  I know I’m not the only one with crazy stuff in my purse!  Do tell!  What crazy things can you find in your purse? 🙂



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