The unexpected gift of bigger fish to fry

Most of the time, we go through life worrying about lots of little fish. There’s a whole lot of them. And they seem like a big deal.

But sometimes a really big fish comes along. This fish nearly tears you to pieces. You wrestle with it and fight it. You think there’s no way to reel this one in. You hang in there. Keep up the fight. Believe. Don’t give up. And in the end, you win. The big fish is conquered.

Along the way, you learn a whole lot about life. And one day, you realize you are blessed because you are free (or at least close to free) from the small fish. They are hardly blips on the radar anymore. You hated every moment of the experience of the big fish, but now in some ways, you’re glad it came along. You’ve learned so much that you otherwise would not have learned. You’re stronger. You realize just how strong God is.

It’s an unexpected gift.

Perspective really is everything.

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