One of those days

Sometimes when it’s a holiday and you have the day off, you have so much to do around the house that you should just stay there.  Work hard.  Do laundry.  Clean bathrooms.  Do dishes.  Put up laundry.  Go to the grocery store.

So many things that you really should do.

But it’s a 70-degree, beautiful day in January, and you suddenly have no motivation to be responsible.  You just want to get out, enjoy the beautiful day, your day off work and your kids.

So, you pack up your kids, go pick up your mom to come on the adventure…and have a blast!

IMG_1779 IMG_1798 IMG_1819 IMG_1826 IMG_1835 IMG_1838 IMG_1848 IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1878 IMG_1884

It was totally the right call!

(I’m now trying to get as much done as possible so that I feel somewhat responsible!)

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