Leadership: Understanding our role as followers first

Two years ago, a friend at my annual Church Administrator’s conference showed me the video above.  I thought it was pretty good, so I showed it to our church staff in a staff meeting devo.  I still like this video.  It’s kind of funny, but it proves a great point:

Leaders are first (and foremost) followers.

We are called to first follow Christ.  To obey God’s commands and follow in his footsteps.  If we really love God, we will want to obey his commands in order to be like him and show him love and respect.

And if we’re truly followers of Christ and acting out of our love and respect for him, we will become servants.  Christ was the ultimate servant!  The best leaders are servants.  Not ones seeking position and authority but those earnestly seeking to follow Christ.  People who love and serve others.  People who aren’t looking out for themselves, but the interests of the larger group.

Who wouldn’t want to follow someone like that?