The Worship Experiment: 1 of 2

I’ll be honest. For many years, I haven’t been all that happy with church. I’ve yearned for more, but I felt like I wasn’t getting it. My husband is on a team at our church that plans what happens in Bible class. I know I’ve driven him crazy with my complaints along the way. He’s worked hard over the years to continue to make things better. I haven’t been much help to him. Just another person complaining out of my selfishness. The church just wasn’t giving me what I felt like I needed. The classes weren’t deep enough for me.  The worship time wasn’t what I wanted or felt like I needed. Lots of selfishness on my part.

Surely I’m not alone on this.  Can I get an amen?!

But lately, I’ve sensed a shift in myself. I have looked forward to church. I’ve been paying more attention in Bible class and have actually been participating quite a bit in the discussion.  I’ve loved it!

So what changed?

Church is the same.  The people are the same.

But I’ve realized that I am thinking about serving, reaching and helping others more during my week. On the 6 other days in between church, I am looking for opportunities to minister to people. To listen to others. To respond to a need when it presents itself. To show love to people.  To be contagious.

No longer am I feeling like I need the church to serve me. To teach me. To cater to my needs.

And because of this shift in my focus, I have been coming to church excited and more ready to worship than I ever have before.

Over the next few days, I am going to have a couple of posts on this topic. Fleshing all of this out. The last post will be about what I’m calling The Worship Experiment. I hope you’ll join me in this experiment!

Let’s do this thing!