Kid sunglasses


Let’s talk kids’ sunglasses for a minute.

Kids wearing sunglasses are too cute! Everyone loves seeing their precious babies wearing them…

If you can find them!!

I can never find my kids’ sunglasses when I need them. Random times when you don’t need them? They’re in plain sight ready for your kids to play with. But I’m convinced they must hide any time the sun is out.

We’re headed to the beach today, and I searched all over the house looking for my daughter’s sunglasses with no luck.

Then I went to the donut shop.

Our donut shop has donuts with toys on them. And what do you know! They had a chocolate sprinkled donut with a pair of purple Dora sunglasses on top!

Sadie got sunglasses. I got a chocolate sprinkled donut.

Donut shop for the win! Beach, here we come!!