New is hard

Wouldn’t it be nice if new things came easy? I like the idea of trying new things. New is exciting!

But more often than not, new things are hard. And even kind of scary! It’s sometimes hard to decide to change and do something new. For some people, change is about the last thing they want. Change is not something I typically get excited about. Well maybe eventually after I have my chance to worry.

Our family has had a number of new experiences lately that have reminded me how hard but also exciting new things can be.

We got a new kitchen table. I had to clean the old table like crazy to get it ready to sell. Hard work! Especially since it’s had 8 years of little kids eating at it! Then it was a little sad to get rid of the only table our family has ever known. But also very fun to get a new one!

Chris started a new job in January and also started his masters degree. It’s a ton of work for him, and it was scary making the jump to completely change careers, but it’s a good change for him and our family. Especially as we look to the future.

I went for my first run last night in my plan to get back in shape. It was no fun at all, but it will be worth it a few weeks from now. At least I hope so. I don’t look forward to what it’s going to take to feel better, but I know it needs to be done.

Just a few examples.

New things and change can be hard, but they’re also worth it.

Change is healthy. A lack of change is not.

I read a quote a few weeks ago that went something like: “If your organization is not constantly changing, you have a problem”.

And that goes for our individual lives too.  Change is constant.  Change can sometimes be a not-so-good thing, but the vast majority of the time, it is a good thing.  It stretches us.  Helps us learn.  Helps us rely on God. Can help to get us outside of ourselves.

My friend Lindsay and I discussed this morning that we might as well embrace change.

What if when we felt the fear creeping up inside of us over new things, we leaned into it?  Pushed past the fear and met the new experience head on.

Change will always be difficult.  Be we can choose how difficult we will allow it to be.


What is new in your world?