Just One Reason Why I Love My Church

My Strengths (Strengths Finder) are:


By far, my greatest strength is being a learner. I absolutely love learning new things. It’s kind of like a challenge (competition?) to me when I find something I don’t know how to do. Which is a lot!

I work at a church that supports me in learning new things. They support me in my interests to learn more about how we/I can help make the church a better place. And they support me by giving me plenty of chances and avenues to learn.

I am about to get on a plane to head home from attending a church communication certification class, and my heart is full for how the leaders of my church love God, always want to get better for God and support me!

I couldn’t ask for a better place to work!


I saw this quote on Twitter this morning.

“Architecture and design should be such that people don’t need an invitation to step inside.”

This really makes me think…

In thinking about church communications and publications, how can we create things with content to where it is an obvious invitation and people felt drawn to the community of people?

If we were going to build a church, how would we design it to be an inviting place?  Where they already feel invited and welcome?

How do I design/change my life to where people don’t need an invitation to enter into my presence or into the nitty gritty of my life?

So much to think about!