Adventure Weekend 2018

Once a year, I go away for a weekend by myself to pray, spend time with God, reflect, plan, rest and have fun. I like to think of it as going on an adventure with God. Chris does one of these too, and it is definitely one of my favorite things we do. It never disappoints.

In the past, I’ve been to:

  • A hotel in Coppell (went hiking in Grapevine, talked with a random guy in a Starbucks about faith and church)
  • A hotel in Addison (walked through lots of parks and walked a trail with a couple who told me all about the history of Addison)
  • Stayed in a cabin in Oklahoma (hiked a ton and was surrounded by a herd of wild hogs at one point. Thought I was going to die.)
  • Stayed in a convent in Houston. (Had to be silent, but everyone kept talking to me…including a priest. I seem to bring out the rebel in people.)

This year, I stayed in a cabin in Lake Murray State Park in Oklahoma. I loved that cabin, hiking, riding my bike, and sitting by the fire at night! Here are pictures from the weekend:

On the way home, I stopped off at the Texas Tulips Farm. I’ve been wanting to go for years, and since I was driving through the area, it was a perfect chance to pop in!

Since I’ve been doing these weekends the last 5 years, it’s been fun to look back at where I was each year, what was going on in life, think about how my life and relationship with God has grown and progressed, and do some dreaming about the future together! I believe everyday is an adventure with God. I believe when you’re open to God’s adventure, He takes you up on it, and I love carving out one special weekend each year to go on an adventure with Him! Already looking forward to next year!

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