Hotel Caleb

Caleb turned 9 a little over a week ago. His big present from us was a new bunk bed. The kids and I went on a trip with my family last week, but Chris had to stay home due to work and school. The bed was delivered during the week and Chris set it up so it was ready for Caleb when we got home. 

Chris loves to surprise people and he does it well!

When we came home, we were all blown away because not only was there a new bed…Chris had also:

Painted his whole room

Bought new bedding

Cleaned out his room (a huge task)

Cleaned the carpets

And put together a chair Grammy bought him for his desk area

Caleb absolutely loves his new room!! Sadie and Luke do too! They all spent a ton of time playing in there on Sunday. 

Caleb has named it “Hotel Caleb” and is letting the twins take turns sleeping on the bottom bunk. He even found a key that he gives to the twin who will be sleeping in his room each night as their hotel room key. Too funny!

Chris worked so hard and did such a great job! It was a wonderful birthday surprise!

And here is “Hotel Caleb”


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